Welcome to Spaghetti Menders

In 1998 I designed the very first system for Les Baer’s undefeated Mustang. Which influenced the industry of drag racing as we know it today. That system is still working today. Throughout the years I have had great success with the system I designed 20 years ago. Always keeping up with the ever changing technology, I have 40 years experience within the electronics industry. I still enjoy working with and meeting customers at the races and continue to look forward to the future of our newly located shop here in Pendleton, South Carolina with our new 3,000 sq ft fabrication and installation shop.

Whether it’s Normally Aspirated, Nitrous, Turbo, Pro Charger, Blowers or Special Order, our systems are manufactured with relay output units sized to meet your needs. We can use 25 amp relays on small loads 40 amp or 70 amp relays on big loads. Relays are mounted in one or two modules with systems under 5 pounds allowing for a clean and professional install, All relays are replaceable. With computer cables as the main wiring for a lighter and simpler install that will save you time and money when wiring cars. Relay Output Units have Led’s on all inputs allowing for quick testing of the system. All systems have switch input points for neutral safety, bump start, brake lights, turn lights, line lock and can activate any relay in the system.

My Products are designed and manufactured in house with Quality being the upmost importance. Allowing our systems to still perform and win races after 17 years under tremendous stress of racing.

Robert A. Lapp