Motor Only System 

   7 bay switch panel       8 relay dash unit      2 relay trunk unit

System includes two computer cables natural safety, bump start and line lock input cables with main battery power cables. All inputs and outputs and open fuses have LED’s for trouble shooting. Weights under 5 lbs.

All relays are replaceable with 70 amp on fuel pump and radiator fan. System can be 12 or 16 volts.

        We can Manufacture any System to your needs

ECU Operated Only or Switch and ECU Operated

Up to 10 switches and any size relay box made to order. 

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System Manual-Motor Only System

Optional Add-ons :

Optional LED light under switch panel.             

Optional ECU activation of fuel, water pumps and radiator fan

Optional Turn Light Controller with switches in panel and all cables.

Optional Fuel Pump in front of car.