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Welcome to Spaghetti Menders

Whether it's normally Aspirated, Nitrous, Turbo, Pro Charger, Blowers or Special Order, our systems are manufactured with relay output units sized to meet your needs. We can use 25 amp relays on small loads 40 amp or 70 amp relays on big loads. Mounted in one unit allowing for a clean and professional install. With computer cables as the main wiring for a lighter and simpler install that will save you time and money when wiring cars. Relay Output Units have Led's on all inputs allowing for quick testing of the system. All systems have switch input points for neutral safety, bump start, brake lights, turn lights, line lock and can activate any relay in the system.

My Products are designed and manufactured in house with Quality being the upmost importance. Allowing our systems to still perform and win races after 12 years under tremendous stress of racing.

Robert A. Lapp





Nitrous Banking Systems

Spaghetti Menders has once again set the standard for nitrous. The racers using our nitrous banking technology are setting records and winning races in drag Radial, Outlaw 10.5, Top Sportsman and Pro Mod. Our banking nitrous controllers will allow for any direct port system to be activated twice for better traction and power distribution. Using Quickset timers that delay time down to 100th of a second with features that include alternate, stage hold, lift and pause, shift activated, nitrous arm, interrupt, line purge and motor purge. With 1 to 8 stages now available.


Top Sportsman Nitrous Banking™ Systems Using Your Delay Box

The Controller will use your delay box to activate the delay time of the nitrous on and off same as before. Using the Nitrous Banking controller you can split the direct port system allowing for 2 hits to the tire for every System Activate. The left side fuel and nitrous solenoids are wired to the left output and the side fuel and nitrous solenoids are wired to the right output.

The banking timer is set to 100s or 10th of a seconds delay. After the left side is activated from your delay box the banking timer starts and activates the right side. So if you need to change for track conditions the Banking time stay the same. If you set your timer to turn nitrous on and then off you can use the call back button input to turn the nitrous back on with left and right side activated at the same time as long as button is pushed and will not work if WOT switch is turned off.

Controller comes with Nitrous Arm, Carb Switch (WOT) Input and Call Back Button Input. Nitrous Activation uses 30amp Fused Relay Outputs. Comes with all Power and Input Cables. Delay box input uses positive activation or can be special ordered as negative input.

Unit comes with solenoid test switch. When switch is on it will tell if all solenoids are wired and have good fuse and grounded. All Inputs and Outputs have LED's for testing system and diagnostics of all switch inputs and power outputs.


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